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Discover an Italian pearl: Elba Island

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Since I was a child, I’ve been travelling all around Italy with my family. And you know what? The most interesting thing is that I feel like I’ve been exploring my country as an Italian and a foreign TOURIST at the same time. One thing is sure, Italy will never stop to surprise me.

This summer our family trip was to Elba, the largest island of the Tuscany archipelago. There are ferries every day from Piombino to Portoferraio that allow you to embark your motorbike, car or camping car (as in our case) so that you can explore the entire island very easily.

Elba is not only breathtaking beaches. The island is rich of history, culture and local traditions. I found a piece of Tuscany in it with an additional exotic touch!

Apart from crystal clear beaches as Fetovaia and Sansone, the island is marked by the presence of Napoleon who was exiled there for 9 months, there are ancient churches, artisanal markets, great snorkeling spots (Pomonte), adventurous hiking and small authentic villages in truly Italian style as Portoferraio and Capoliveri.

Food is influenced by Tuscany ingredients and traditions, absolutely perfect to be enjoyed from a sea view terrace or a restaurants in a small fishing village.

And, of course, I love family holidays. There’s no age for it. Especially when you’re far away from them most of the time.

This is for me a moment to spend quality time together, to chat, to laugh remembering old memories, to make jokes with my younger brother, to be spoiled by my family as it happens every time I come back to Italy.

So, here my itinerary for a little escapade to Elba Island!

Day 1

Ferry from Piombino to Portoferraio with Moby or Toremar, Visit of Portoferraio with the ancient walls, city centre, the pier, Falcone fortress and Napoleonic mills house. Afternoon relaxing at the stunning Sansone beach.

Day 2

Explore the villages of Marciana Marina and Marina di Campo, the breathtaking beaches of Sant’Andrea & Pomonte for a snorkeling trip to discover the shipwreck that sinked in the ‘70s!

Day 3

Boat rental in Marina di Campo to explore the South Western coast. Stop at Fetovaia, Cavoli & Punta Nera.

Don’t worry if you spot huge brown jellyfish, believe me or not, they’re not dangerous!

Day 4

Discover the old-fashioned authentic villages of Capoliveri, Porto Azzurro and Rio Marina.

This area was known for iron mines and this is the reason why you can find dark sanded beaches with shiny fragments surrounded by ancient mines.

Day 5

You can’t miss Le Ghiaie beach and Capo Bianco with its white cliffs right in front of the crystal clear water.

We had dinner in an elegant restaurant in Portoferraio right on the village pier, La Darsena Restaurant. Delicious seafood and excellent service, absolutely recommended!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information and tips about this unique island! :)

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