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The Power of Leaving

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Leaving begins way before you realise it. The moment you decide you need a change in your life, when you feel you want a break from your daily routine, when you decide it’s time to CHALLENGE yourself.

You’re curious to know what’s outside the comfort bubble: same bar for a drink, same faces around you, a Saturday night disco that you know too well.

It can be an Erasmus, an exchange year at the university, a journey through different countries for your sabbatical, an internship or a working opportunity abroad, a special love that you found far from your homeland.

The initial mixture FEELING of excitement and anxiety remains the same.

You start to imagine yourself in a place that you don’t know, a new house, a new morning view when you wake up, new people around you. You hope you’ll find good friends, true ones, not only to share a drink with, but also someone you can TRUST.

And then it’s time to sign a contract for your new apartment, to open a bank account, to pay the electricity bills.

Time to keep your house clean, to think about cooking for the following day for your lunch boxe, to find a solution to problems, all by yourself. Because you know everything of the place where you grow up, you know who to address in any kind of situation, but when you leave, everything requires a bigger EFFORT.

Sometimes you ask yourself if it’s worth it, if you’re able to deal with all this, if you made the right choice eventually.

And then one day, you’re walking in the street and you realise you’re happy, truly happy. You notice there’s a genuine smile on your face, the one you’re wearing since you made this new life yours.

You start adapting to a new rhythm, you get to know the city and what’s around you, you found the supermarket where to go shopping, the perfect park to go running, a nice bar with great beers and the coolest atmosphere. You fell INTEGRATED in the city, at work, at school.

You discover yourself reflected in this new life that suits you perfectly, you understand your deepest PERSONALITY by challenging the unknown and feeling you made it comfortable.

I found ANDRY in the eyes of foreigners that became my friends, in the way I dealt with the hardest situations, the way I managed to take important responsibilities, the way I felt appreciated for what I am, for the smile and the energy that characterise me.

I believe in the power of leaving.

And you?


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