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7 Golden Rules to pack for your next Trip

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Once you booked your flight, you have the train ticket or you made a reservation for the first accommodation on site, it’s real: your next trip is waiting for you!

Time seems to run slowly until the departure day and guess what’s the most annoying part? Packing, of course!

Here 5 Golden Rules to help you packing for the next trip!

1. Write down a LIST of what you need a few days before to have time to edit it and to buy what you’re missing. You can use Reminders on your phone to help you and tick while you‘re preparing your luggage.

2. Always make sure to attach a LABEL to your luggage with your details and the update address of your accommodation once in the destination. In case of lost, they will be able to track you and send it back to you. Procedures should be faster, in this way!

3. Keep your most VALUABLE always with you. If they are in your rucksack or hand luggage, you can have them constantly under control. Laptop, camera, tablet, perfume, jewellery and so on.

4. Preview your OUTFITS in advance. It can seem maniaca, but it’s worth it. This tip will make you save space and time! You can avoid all the unnecessary things and the morning or evening critical choice of what to wear is much simpler so that you won’t be late (especially for women :D). The same piece of cloth, if still clean, can be re-used cleverly by adding an accessory or chancing the matching ones.

5. If you travel with luggage, make sure you have a RUCKSACK with you as well. It’s much comfortable for daily trips as hiking or boat tours so that you can bring all the necessary equipment!

6. Make sure to have a basic MEDICAL KIT when travelling: painkillers, patches, eye drops, handkerchieves and so on. Also, remember to ask your pharmacist if the destination required specific medicines or vaccines.

7. There are several TECHNIQUES to pack your cloth in order to gain space: rolling, plying, vacuum-sealing.. Use your own Tetris speciality, the one you’re more comfortable with and it will work perfectly! I normally pack in the traditional way, I don’t know how but I always find enough space for all my clothes. The hardest part is to choose what to bring actually :D

I hope these rules will help you to pack for your next trip and you won’t forget them in the future!

I’m also preparing a packing list to make sure you don’t forget important things and packing your luggage won’t be a nightmare anymore! Next article coming soon ☝🏼


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