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the team

I strongly believe in team-working and in the importance of sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions and competences. 


Authentic Travel.And wouldn't be the same without my dear team. They're first of all special people to me that help me in the realization of these projects. 


My name is Andrea Zana, Andry.

I'm an Italian girl with a true passion

for strong emotions. I love being surrounded

by people, doing sports, partying and

travelling, of course! I'm very determined,

ambitious and curious.


Andry is Andry, but she wouldn't be the

same without her beautiful family,

true friends and wonderful travel


Travelling for me is not only about holidays, it's also about longer experiences living abroad. I'm not the only one that decided to leave her home country to explore what's outside its borders, we're so many and this is why I always try to describe our feelings and thoughts.  

The thing is, I'm too ambitious to become a full-time Traveller. I want to continue my studies and to build my future career all around the tourism sector. I want to know both sides, the traveller and what makes the travel possible.

I decided to share with you my experiences because I want you to travel with me, I want you to became smart travellers giving you tips and suggestions. I want you to understand that, as for live, travelling is made out of experiences and it's up to you to identify the most authentic ones. So, here's your experiential travel advisor!


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