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I strongly believe in team-working and in the importance of sharing thoughts, ideas, opinions and competences. 


Authentic Travel.And wouldn't be the same without my dear team. They're first of all special people to me that help me in the realization of these projects. 


Let me tell you something

more about who's behind this blog. 


My name is Andrea Zana, Andry.

I'm an Italian girl with a true passion

for strong emotions. I love being surrounded

by people, doing sports, partying and

travelling, of course! I'm very determined,

ambitious and curious.


Andry is Andry, but she wouldn't be the

same without her beautiful family,

true friends and wonderful travel


Travelling for me is not only about holidays, it's also about longer experiences living abroad. I'm not the only one that decided to leave her home country to explore what's outside its borders, we're so many and this is why I always try to describe our feelings and thoughts.  

The thing is, I'm too ambitious to become a full-time Traveller. I want to continue my studies and to build my future career all around the tourism sector. I want to know both sides, the traveller and what makes the travel possible

I decided to share with you my experiences because I want you to travel with me, I want you to became smart traveller giving you tips and suggestions. I want you to understand that, as for live, travelling is made out of experiences and it's up to you to identify the most authentic ones. So, here's your experiential travel advisor!


Hi there!


It's Mimi here. I met Andri 8 years ago and we became close friends right away because we both believe in kindness, empathy and integrity, but most importantly we share 'la joie de vivre'.


I've always loved learning new languages and now I realize that I've been doing it my whole life! Plus, I adore nature and the energy she gives me when I meet her. People usually tell me that I'm a creative and a charismatic person, so I'm here to help and give even more sparkle and artistic details to Andri's adventure!


Glad to meet you and here it is my precious piece of advice.. Everything has its own state of consciousness: try to PAUSE and TUNE IN its vibrations and exchange them, this is what allows you to really meet nature where it is :)


My name is Cecilia. Since two years I've been spending most of my time in Venice, but it often happens to pack and get somewhere else. Just for a while, to put my pieces together again; sometimes it's in Paris, others in Bologna, in Torino, Fossano, or Trieste.


Andri is one those pieces that makes me feel at home. We first met in the high school, then our life paths took different directions for a while, just to meet again years later, with an unexpected timing and extreme truthfulness. It was in Paris, where I stayed at her place for some time. In those weeks our threads have easily interwoven again, together with glasses of wine, little walks and long talks.


Authentic travel.And became a common place where to put our nomadic natures and our special attention to the people movements. I'm a visual arts student in Venice and we tried together to imagine a monthly magazine, a sort of editorial project connecting the web contents from the blog. Authentic Travel.And has become dialogue, conversation, discussion and long text messages. It's a place of criticism


Hi! I'm Paco, I’m half French and half Spanish, I'm currently living in Paris. I've been traveling to Spain since I was a child, so I have a special bond with this country.


Recently, I've started traveling further away doing humanitarian missions, studying or just for tourism and that’s how I met Andrea, my roommate in Canada. We quickly became very close friends and did some pretty good journeys together. I think we share the same vision about travels and open mindedness, that’s why when she explained to me her blog project I thought directly that it was a beautiful idea. Then, I was so glad when she proposed me to be part of it. I share with her my point of view about what she writes (I love her writing style), take care of the technical side of the website and I help with the spellcheck of the magazine.


For me, Travel.And is not a simple travel blog, it’s more like a place where a passionate girl shares her traveling life giving her very personal point of view about the incredible experiences she lives. So, if you love traveling, if you’re plannig a journey, if you’re looking for tips about living abroad or if you just enjoy beautiful stories about the world, you will

love it.

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Andrea Zana 

Currently based in Paris

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Be a traveller, not a tourist.

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