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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Yesterday I was thinking about my weekly article trying to find the right words for a new subject, when all of a sudden I received a message on Instagram.

A guy that I barely know wrote me that he finally made up his mind and he decided to leave Italy for a working experience that allows him to learn English and to live in another country. It's his first time and the decision took a little bit of time. It's not as easy as choosing when and where to go on holiday, when you already have your way back ticket, when you are aware it's only a break from your daily life. The decision of living abroad is different and comes from an interior spirit that can't allow you to make do with the kind of life you have at present.

He said he admires me for my braveness. He said he loves what I do and that he really wanted to thank me for being his inspiration, helping to transform his dream into a reality.

It made me go back in time, when I made one of the most important choices of my life: living my country alone for an experience abroad. I didn't know what was waiting for me, I was scared and excited, eager to explore a new reality, to know new people.

I had to live very far away from my family, to leave my friends, I had to find new ones, to develop various skills for a job, to be responsible and autonome.

I wasn't sure I could find my true personality abroad, distant from all my securities. I didn't know If was strong enough to solve everyday problems by myself, funny enough to make foreigners laugh, to find positiveness in the most negative situations.

I did't know if I could manage to do it.

But I finally did it and I could't be more satisfied.

Travel.And wants to be this, an inspiration to choose the life that you want, to make important choices that will change you, to dare to imagine your future differently. It wants to be a motivation to live with passion and curiosity, because there's always something new to discover in this world, even in the smallest village around you that you've never considered. Travel.And gives you a pair of special glasses to see things under another perspective, because the real travel starts in your heart.

Find your inspiration.


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