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Jordan Road Trip

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Jordan, the peaceful oasis between war countries, the cradle of ancient civilisations and multiple religions, a crossover for the most prestigious trade roads, breathtaking landscapes, an open-minded mentality and genuine people.

If I have to describe Jordan with one word it would be WELCOME

Jordanians kindness is one of the things that surprised me the most. It's incredible to see how these people are happy to meet us, to show that they know a few words in Italianor in French, to welcome you in their beautiful Country. Their welcoming attitude is also a consequence of the Country's position that hosted several waves of refugees during the Middle East conflicts.

First question is always ''Where are you from?'' and then with a big smile they tell you ''Welcome to Jordan''.Funny fact, for my birthday I was said repeatedly ''Happy New Year!''and it took me a while to understand that they actually meant to wish me a happy birthday!

We met wonderful people all along the road, Mohammed that offered us tea and water treating us as we were his guests, Ayman,a young Bedouin that hosted us in his cave for one night, made us a typical dinner and talked about his funny love stories next to a warm fire.

A kind retired man on a view point along the Dead Sea Road that told us about Jordanian economics and social situation, a baby Bedouinthat played a traditional instruments with a funny smile in the Wadi Rum desert.

And most of the time, before leaving a place, we were said that we could consider it a second home. These people contributed to make our trip so special. They made us feel welcomed and at ease, as part of this Country, despite all the background differences. Plus, visiting during the low season, made our connection with locals even stronger, because we were often the only tourists around.

Every time I travel, it's so immersive that putting everything into word becomes a bit tough. Of one thing I'm sure : people make travels and travels make people.

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