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Sleeping in a cave in Petra

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The most unusual experience we had during the trip ? ABSOLUTELY THIS ONE.

Who knows me a bit is aware of the fact that I love trying exclusive experienceson a daily basis, not only when travelling. I find it so stimulating to discover something new and a bit out of the ordinary!

If I had to decide which was the most unusual experience during our trip in Jordan, it would be called Authentic Bedouin Cave Little Petra. We found it on AirBnBand I thought it would be so special to spend a night in a cave surrounded by nature. So we booked it without hesitation! (price around 60euros).

After an intense visit of Petra walking through this special site, we arrived at the meeting point given by the owner of the cave, Ayman. We immediately understood that he was someone special, such a funny human being! Maybe because he just left his car in the middle of the road after it stopped working all of a sudden, what a beginning!

After the greetings, head to his house to take the equipment for the cave: wood, lights, food, a lighter (oh no he forgot it and we went back to take it!). Then he gave us a nice spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the site: the sun literally had the shape of a fire ball!

We finally discovered our little cave, where Ayman offered us the special dinner made by his family, simple, delicious ingredients: rice, homemade bread and a mix of veggies and meat. He made a fire for us and he started telling us his funny daily adventures with a cup of tea.

He's a young Bedouin who decided to move to the cave he inherited from his grandfather. He told us that one day a couple of young European travellers needed a place to spend the night, so he immediately offered them to stay in his cave. They absolutely loved the idea of sleeping in a cave at the point that they had a brilliant plan: ''Ayman, why don't you put your cave on AirBnb?''. The following day the couple created the profile for him and this is how the adventure started!

I'm so glad we found this place, we had the chance to experience something absolutely unique, in contact with a local, immersed in the Bedouin culture, in the middle of nature and under millions of shiny stars. Of course, there's not a shower and not even toilets, but this is part of the adventure, isn't it ?

The most beautiful thing is that it was not something fake put in place for tourists, it was authentic, it was true and genuine, talking to Ayman was enough to understand it at first sight.

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