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''The secret to getting ahead is getting started''

There are special moments in your life when you feel you need a real change, a true direction for your future. Here it is little Andry. Everything has a starting point and I've just decided to begin with my passions and my dreams, I've listened to what people appreciate about me and my personality.

I've been travelling all around Europe since I was a child, but in these recent years I've felt the urge to go away, far away. When you live in a place that doesn't allow you to go back home for the weekend, you realise you need to be totally independent and you have to create your new world in a completely different reality. New home, new friends, new habits, nothing is familiar for the first period, and it's not easy at all to be honest with you.

You only start feeling good when the true yourself comes out, when you gain confidence and find your balance. And here's where it all begins: when you can enjoy everyday things as something special and absolutely unique, when you are able to notice all the details and you really appreciate them, when you understand how the reality around you works.

My way of thinking and attitude toward life have then changed, I gained experience in the tourism sector by being in real contact with the territory, its people, cultures and deep traditions. This is why I travel differently now and I want to share my experience, I want you to feel the same way as I feel when I'm abroad, I want your journey to be worth it and enriching. Tourism, against common belief, is not only to associate with hotels. Tourism has become more and more the capacity of creating an experience, of involving people in an unfamiliar reality, of feeling like a local in order to understand the destination and its most authentic aspects.

So, with this new little project (that maybe one day will become something more) I'd like you to see the world the way I see it when I travel by sharing with you my experience and what I've learnt so far. I hope I can make you understand what modern tourism is, its complexity, trends and secrets.

Travel with me then, Welcome to TravelAnd.


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